Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cross-Atlantic Conversation

Cross-Atlantic Literary Conversation

Here is the link to an interview/conversation held Thursday, January 24, 2008 between the editor of Northwest Review (John Witte), from the University of Oregon, and the editor of Le Noeud des Miroirs, Jean-Pierre Pouzol. The interview was arranged by arranged by Suzanne Clark at the University of Oregon and Prof. Taffy Martin (translator), speaking from the university campus in Poitiers, France. We're using the facilities for distance education at the University of Oregon and the Université de Poitiers to explore the possibilities of research exchange.

The idea is to produce a streaming video that can be used in classes and by individuals for research.

To look at the journals we discuss, go to their sites:

The Northwest Review:

Le Noeud des Miroirs:

To see the interview, go to: