Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Introduction: Andrew Bonamici

My name is Andrew Bonamici, Associate University Librarian for Instructional Services. We reorganized the library in 2002 and created the Instructional Services Division to foster integration of media and educational technology programs with so-called traditional library services. My area of responsibility includes reference departments, branch libraries, library instruction, student computer labs, faculty technology consulting and Blackboard management, interactive media development, video production, and campus classroom equipment support. All of these services require close partnership with each other and with academic and technology support units beyond the library, so making connections and assembling teams is a big part of my job.

The topics addressed by “The New Research” conference are directly relevant to my interest in development of UO courses that take full advantage of our tremendous investments in network technologies, communication systems, library collections and services (including digital content), and professional staff expertise. The latter is critical, as no one individual can have all of the skills needed to create and sustain courses with substantial digital/network-enabled components. A flexible and collaborative team approach is essential. For faculty, this degree of partnership in the course development process may be a dramatic departure from the status quo; however, the process holds many rewards and learning opportunities for the participants as well as for the intended student audience.

Many thanks to the New Research planning committee for creating this opportunity. I look forward to the conversation.

p.s. feel free to visit my blog for links and comments on other issues that may be of interest to this group.


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