Friday, May 19, 2006

Male Pregnancy and More!

Hi folks--

First, thanks to Michael Faris for posting so many great Hoax sites recently. In the same vein, here's the link to the male pregnancy site I mentioned at the Summit:

Also, I have had many people ask me for suggestions about how they can better teach the analysis of visual media (such as websites) to their students. My response is best encompassed in a few articles I have written on the subject: "Teaching Visual Grammar and Rhetoric in Composition," a one-page compilation of the eight (yes--only eight!) key terms I think you need to know in order to teach visual textual analysis, and "Popular Culture and Composition: A Critical Intersection," a transcript of a conversation Raphael Raphael and I had on this topic in Summer 2005. Click on the link below for access to these documents plus a couple of others:

And lastly, here is the link to an excellent online glossary of basic film terms (with pictures!) provided by the Yale Film Studies program:



At 1:46 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Hey, Carter, thanks very much for posting these! I am definitely going to use them--and also share them with others at OSU.


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