Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just joining the blog

Hi, I am just joining the blog and it will take me a few days to read all the back posts and follow out some of the recommended sites. I had written Suzanne and told her of a web site that presents a power point, 35 minute audio lecture (you can put it on pause but not print out), that is stimulating about pedagogy and challenging to many of my own assumptions. I learned a lot from it and am trying to think why I disagree with it, as well as agree with many parts. It assumes a whole new model of education premised on new ways of getting and using information:

If folks can go through it, I would love to start some thoughts circulating on it. Also, this format may indicate a useful way to put our own lectures online. It is a lot more compact and cohesive than most of my lectures are. I was frustrated that I could not just skim or print out the whole thing, but taking 35 minutes to consider the ideas actually did have a beneficial effect on how well I absorbed or thought about the ideas.

As a way of introduction, let me say that I am currently working on a links page for Jump Cut, about the current state of the Internet. One of the main things that fascinates me in terms of the Internet is how the blog took over from the homepage. And so few faculty had homepages or published their essays on their own sites, I could never understand why.

For the past three or four years, I have been working away at getting all of Jump Cut's past issues online, as well as publishing a new issue online at least once a year. The accumulation of the archive gives us some "heft" on the Internet and we seem to be reaching a lot more people than when we were a print publication.

It is exciting to have this blog, The New Research Summit, at the University of Oregon. Can the folks who started it retrace their steps and tell us their thinking as they set up the blog before the conference?

Also, can someone tell me how to make hotlinks in the posting?


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