Sunday, April 02, 2006

The New Research Summit 2006 is coming.

The New Research Summit 2006 is coming.

We’re talking about teaching writing and research in the era of new media and technology.

This is the beginning of a conversation that will continue at the University of Oregon.

We have set aside Friday, May 12, 10-2, for our face-to-face meeting and lunch. There will be no charge for attendance and lunch will be provided.

On our way to that date, this blog will have resources, links, and ideas, and be available for your comments about how web sites, blogs, wikis, Google,, streaming video, podcasts, and the rest of technology do, could, or should affect our teaching of research writing.

The Planning Committee:

We are: Suzanne Clark (English) and Carol Hixson (Library), Instructional Technology Fellows for 2005-2006; The Center for the Teaching of Writing (John Gage, Director and Nicole Malkin, Adm. Assistant); the New Media and Writing Group (Raphael Raphael, Carter Soles, and Kom Kunyosying).

As participants, you are speakers, bloggers, and discussants, professors, librarians, graduate students, and students.

Our May 12 speakers include:: James Crosswhite, English; Carol Hixson and Heather Briston, UO Library; Carter Soles and Kom Kunyosying, English; A panel chaired by Raphael Raphael and including John Gage and Michael Aronson, English; Mary Fechner, Research Office; Jeff Magoto, Yamada Language Center; and our keynote speaker, Lisa Ede, from Oregon State University English Department, with Michael Faris, OSU.

You can apply to participate in this NR Summit by giving your application to Michael Stamm in the UO English Department, or to any of the Planning Committee members, or by submitting it to Nicole Malkin The deadline is April 14, 2006.

Here is the application:

Anyone may leave a comment (a comment is a response to a post) regarding any of the material posted in this blog. You may also post resources in the comment section of a post created specifically for that purpose in the blog (the fourth post labeled General/ Miscellaneous Thread). Please include your name and other information you would like to share if you do not wish to be anonymous.

If you would like to post something in its own post, please email to request to join this blog community, or send the material you would like to post to and we will post it for you (please include your name and other contact info you would like to publicize).

Also, once you are accepted to the New Research Summit, you will be invited to join the blog community. Your invitation will provide you with a link to, where you can sign up (quickly and for free). Then you will be able to add posts to the blog as well as comments. If you choose not to join the blog community, please continue to leave comments and send anything you would like posted to: .


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