Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Interacting with filters -- evolving from the pro-anorexia approach

Evolving from the proanorexia approach to less ethically problematic interactions with web-communities, filters in particular:

To read handout follow this link:

Follow-up from handout:

In analyzing the shared assumptions of the participants of the filter, my students identified sub-categories within the participant group. Henceforth the students called these sub-categories "filter factions."

Students named the first filter faction the "id group." Members of this group usually post something violent or sexually explicit and/or disgusting regardless of the piece of media they are responding to. Sometimes id group members would post semi-seriously if a political debate started -- this allowed them to do some flag-waving and foreigner-bashing.

Some of the shared assumptions students have identified in the id group:
Breasts are good. Women who don't look like porn stars are ugly. French should be killed. Canadians are bad. Mexicans are bad. People of color are bad and whiny. We are not gay. We must flame you unmercifully if you imply we are gay. Strangers to the group are bad and stupid (and deserve threats of violence).

The second filter faction the students called the "conservatives."

Shared assumptions students identified in the conservatives were: French are bad and cowardly. The US should bomb France/Iraq/North Korea. Foreigners are jealous of the US. The UN is trying to run the US. People of color complain too much. Soldiers are brave. Patriotism is good. George Bush is a good president. People who criticize America deserve to be insulted as harshly as possible. The war in Iraq is good.

The third filter faction was called "the mainstream."

Shared assumptions seen in "the mainstream" included: French are bad. The war in Iraq is problematic. Feminism is bad but women should be treated equally. People of color should be treated equally but should not complain too much. Canadians are okay.

The last group was called "foreigners/liberals."

Assumptions students identified included: French are good. Canadians are good. The war in Iraq is bad. President Bush is stupid. Religion is bad. Too much porn on the site is bad. Feminism is good. People of color are good.

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