Monday, April 24, 2006

Digital Humanities Quarterly

There is a new online journal entitled the _Digital Humanities Quarterly_ that might turn out to be of interest to this group. I don't think that anyone else in this group has mentioned it yet. If someone has, my apologies for missing it.

DHQ's web site is at

They are billing themselves as a community experiment in journal publication, with a commitment to:
  • experimenting with publication formats and the rhetoric of digital authoring
  • co-publishing articles with Literary and Linguistic Computing (a well-established print digital humanities journal) in ways that straddle the print/digital divide
  • using open standards to deliver journal content
  • developing translation services and multilingual reviewing in keeping with the strongly international character of ADHO (Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations)
This is what they say in their call for submissions:

We welcome material on all aspects of digital media in the humanities, including humanities computing, new media, digital libraries, game studies, digital editing, pedagogy, hypertext and hypermedia, computational linguistics, markup theory, and related fields. In particular, we are interested in submissions in the following categories:
  • Articles representing original research in digital humanities
  • Editorials and opinion pieces on any aspect of digital humanities
  • Reviews of web resources, books, software tools, digital publications, and other relevant materials
  • Interactive media works including digital art, hypertext literature, criticism, and interactive experiments. A separate call
    for submissions is also being issued for this area.
Submissions in all categories may be in traditional formats, or may be formally experimental. We welcome submissions that experiment with the rhetoric of the digital medium.

It remains to be seen if this publication proves to be of any interest. But you might want to track on it (add it to your bookmarks, etc.)



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